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Mindset Coaching for Entrepreneurs and High Performers

Are you a coach or entrepreneur who’s feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or unsure of how to take your performance to the next level? Listen up.

As a high performance mindset coach who uses NLP, I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and coaches like you break through their limiting beliefs, ditch the overwhelm, and achieve their big mission. From money mindset issues and team member problems to confidence in public speaking, I’ve seen it all. And let me tell you, it’s time to stop spinning your wheels and start making real progress.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “This is some woo-woo shit!” But let me tell you, NLP is not your average “self-help” tactic. It’s a scientifically-proven tool that helps you reprogram your brain for success. No crystals, no chanting, no bullshit. Just results.

So, if you’re ready to finally achieve the success you’ve been working so damn hard for, let’s do this. I’ll help you identify and overcome the mental roadblocks holding you back, so you can unlock your full potential and achieve your big hairy audacious goals. It’s time to ditch the excuses and start crushing it like the high performer you are.


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🧠 From there, we can explore whether we’re a good fit to work together on a deeper level.

DO NOT APPLY if you’re not serious about transforming your business and performance through a shift in mindset. I have limited availability for these calls, so let’s not waste each other’s time as professionals 🙂


Since working with Rusty, I’ve been able to have better clarity, but more importantly, less anxiety, less stress.”

  – Joe Marcoux – Founder of S.O.S. Dojo Sales Coaching


“I thought mindset work was a scam… I’ve uninstalled self-hatred… I’ve become a well-oiled machine.

“Rusty knows his shit, he will make you money, and you’ll feel damn good doing it.”

  – Alex Collins, Ghostwriter

He’s helped me in my professional career, be able to attain new levels of success that I previously had trouble achieving.

I’m a more present father, more present husband. And overall, I’m just feeling so much happier because I’m tapping into the true potential that I know I was meant for.”

  – Galel Fajardo, High Performance Business Coach

“Coaching with Rusty has been one of the most transformative experiences that I’ve had…

I have a lot of things in my life that I want to accomplish, and I understand that I need to transform in order to attain those things… I had at least two of my most spiritual experiences in my life so far during sessions with Rusty.”

  – Anthony Becker, startup founder and CTO

“I told Rusty 1 session with him (and this is the honest truth) was better than 20 sessions of therapy.”

  – Mike Sell – Gym Owner (Midwest Strength and Performance)

“This clicks in your head, really, really fast. You can feel it throughout your whole day and every decision you make.”

  – Austin Garber, Gym Owner (GreenLight Chico)

“I needed some help to be able to break free from old patterns, for me was people pleasing tendencies and really being complacent and feeling caught in my comfort zone.

After just a few sessions with him… I’d get on calls, I’d be in meetings and I felt like I could say what I really wanted to say and I didn’t feel a sense of insecurity or fear or worry.

And that has led to substantial results, it’s helped me to grow my business, it’s helped me to feel better about myself and more confident in achieving my vision.”

  – Jay Abbasi, Career Coach

“We started working through improving my pitch, improving my mindset, improving my confidence, improving my delivery, taking out all the unessential pieces and adding in the absolutely essential pieces, that would help me to close with more power. 

“And in just one month, I went from a 15% close rate to a 40% close rate.”

  – Zach White, Career and Lifestyle coach – Oasis of Courage

“The results I’ve seen have been generally more happiness and overall more fulfillment in my life. I started working with Rusty near the end of 2023 and 2023 turned out to be my best year financially and I don’t think that’s a coincidence.”

  Gavin McHale, Personal Development Coach

“December comes around and I have the most clients I’ve ever had, since opening my gym. What shifted was obviously going through the mindset of we don’t want to be like everyone else in the industry and expect to have the worst time this year. We talked about what if this could be our best month, ever. And it was.”

  – Austin Garber, Gym Owner (GreenLight Chico)

“Working with Rusty has helped me bring in money. My money mindset was completely off the rails. I think I have brought in maybe $24,000 since he and I started working together….

“I’m not so concerned about where my next dollar is going to be coming from. Now I just believe that I’m putting the right energy into myself and I’m putting the right energy into the world and I’m going to get back what I’m investing in those areas.”

  – Jessica Aebi, Career Coach

I was skeptical of what one session can do but frankly, since that one session, I have had so much less fear around money.”

 – Ben Sutter – Sales Lead 

“When we get out of the way and allow someone like Rusty to help, there really is no limit to what we can do.”

  – Allison Nooe, woman’s hormonal and metabolic health coach

“He was able to completely obliterate all the fears, all the doubts, and all the uncertainties that I was having in the past that were getting in my way.”

  – Joel Evan, Best-Selling Author and Coach

I wanted to work on being able to take action faster. The time delay between knowing and taking action…. He helped me recognize some deep deep patterns… I’ve done a lot of self-development and coaching, but Rusty makes it so damn simple.

  – Phiroze Divecha, Entrepreneur and coach

“It was really just me kind of being in my own head holding myself back. As a busy entrepreneur and business owner, stress and life get very much on top of you, and as the emotional roller coaster goes up and down. That can become overwhelming, stressed out, and obviously fear doubt and uncertainty creeps into play. So just one session Rusty helped me to remove those limiting beliefs.”

  – Thomas Whitehead, online fitness coach


After just one session with Rusty, not only did I experience pain in my body leave, in terms of, I’d been struggling with some neck, tightness upper back stiffness and just chronic stuff like that from stress, that almost completely vanished. 

“And I just have a stronger sense of focus and willingness to do what I need to do to make my business the greatest it can be.”

  – Shannon Logan, Gym Owner (True Core Fitness)


“I was really surprised at the results!”

  – Ryan Syverson, health coach and business owner

“There are some limiting beliefs that you don’t even know exist.”

  – Jenia Serebrin, Small Business Tax Accountant

“[I had] some self-limiting beliefs about my entrepreneurial potential and feeling like I had no sales skills at all… My confidence has gone way up, and as a result my prices have doubled.”

  – Max Alpert, Professional Dog Trainer

“I just felt like I hit a slump in my sales. I felt like my energy was down…

“I felt like a breath of fresh air… clearing out any disempowering feelings and thoughts that I had around what was going on currently with sales and really letting go of the past, which is so refreshing.”

  – Leslie Thornton, Founder – Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss

“I cannot even begin to tell you how powerful of an experience this was. Especially for somebody like myself, who’s a coach who already does a ton of mindset work with myself and my clients.”

  – Jake Mayers, transformational mindset and chronic illness coach


“I loved working with him and I will definitely be doing more sessions in the future for even more amazing results.”

 – Johanna White, 7 figure Brand Designer

“After just 1 session I was able to minimize my fears drasticallyAnyone who is feeling behind, is being held back, or feels they aren’t reaching their potential needs to book at least one session with Rusty, ASAP.”

  Kat Kierans, anxiety and somatic healing coach

“Exceeded my expectations! I was not expecting to get a breakthrough right away! If you are a HIGH PERFORMER who is looking for the extra edge and want to succeed in all arenas of life (Work, Fitness, Family, Play), Rusty is your GO TO SOURCE.”

  – Ron Mourra – fitness business owner, and high ticket closer

“I have 100x the self-confidence from before, which has given me the freedom to be more creative and productive.”

  – Kevin, Musician and Editor in Chief

“Coaching with Rusty is a need because he helps me to approach each day with a specific plan and purpose. He helps prime my mind each week for success. I wouldn’t be taking action each week if not for his coaching. I’d still be stuck where I was a year ago. I’ve 5X’ed my results, which makes him an invaluable member of my team.”

  – Galel Fajardo, High Performance Business Coach

Prior to working with Rusty, I felt stuck in a cycle of destructive behaviors. I had felt far removed from the disciplined and motivated aspects of myself that I knew were within. I was struggling with fitness, diet, consistency, motivation, and self-worth which was affecting my ability to succeed in my career and entrepreneurship. Overall, I was beginning to feel like my identity as a winner and high performer was crumbling from beneath me. 

I feel and know that I am back, better and stronger. I’m aligned with the most motivated, determined, ambitious, confident, and light-hearted aspects of myself. I feel ready to “attack” my day again. I missed this feeling. I am armed with tools and strategies to navigate the inevitable dips of life and challenges. I’m not bulletproof, but I bounce back faster and stay up faster than I ever have. 

I no longer identify with the destructive behaviors that manifested from my discomfort. It feels against who I know I am. 

  – Daniel Dilone, Creative Entrepreneur in Digital Design


about me

I can still remember the day everything changed. My wife and I were camped out in the Utah desert, trying to keep my health coaching business alive. Just lost another sale, my computer overheated, and flies were gnawing at my ankles. As we lay in the van, feeling defeated, she hit me with four gut-punch words every entrepreneur dreads: “We should get jobs.” Ouch. It was like a knife to the heart. Our two-year hustle was officially on life support.

Flashback a few years—I was a 240-pound, beer-chugging country singer. Free booze and food had turned me into a walking heart attack. One day, I snapped. I dove into nutrition and fitness, shed 85 pounds, and packed on 25 pounds of muscle. Fans couldn’t believe the transformation. “How did you do it?” they’d ask, only to follow up with, “I could never do that.” I was frustrated. So, I dug into the science of change. If this drunk, obese country singer could turn his life around, why couldn’t they?

Fast forward to after the Utah desert debacle. We got those jobs. My wife became a copywriter, and I turned into a full-time salesperson. I interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs, from $85 million tech CEOs to sub-6-figure pilates instructors. What made the successful ones tick? It wasn’t long hours or genius-level IQs. It was their mindset. They believed different beliefs about themselves, and about the world. Armed with that insight and some Jedi-like Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) skills, I now help high performers rewire their brains for success. We ditch the mental baggage and build the neural pathways they need to smash their goals. 

I get asked often – how do you do that? What’s your background? Well the short answer is… Failure. Inarguable client results. And NLP (I’m a Masters Level NLP practitioner). 


Mindset is everything. Ready to rewire?